• iGino®

    The easiest way to spice up your sex life!

  • iGino®

    The easiest way to spice up your sex life

  • iGino®

    The easiest way to spice up your sex life

  • iGino®

    The easiest way to spice up your sex life

  • iGino®

    The easiest way to spice up your sex life

iGino® Products

Introducing the iGino® one, the new cute and compact pleasure product that combines style with unique revolutionary technology. Exclusive to the iGino® one, vibraMoove™ is a new patented technology that mixes vibrations and movements together to create a powerful, intense and long lasting sensation. With a single strong speed that can be manipulated to change the intensity levels resulting in a different pleasurable experience each time. Created with the highest quality materials, the iGino® one is splash proof and rechargeable through the build in USB port or with the provided US and European charger kit. Whether used for solo or partner play, the iGino® delivers.

product features

1 vibraMoove™

2 skinTouch head™

3 discreet & slim Design

4 hyGienic cover™

5 usb Charger *

6 one control button

7 travel Kit **

* Charge your iGino® one for 12 hours before first use. After that from 1 to 3 hours are enough to gain its full functionality. The charger light illuminates when charging is taking place.
** One velvet pouch, usb charging cable, usb charger, skinTouch head™, EU to US plug adapter.

vibraMoove™ technology

Exclusive to the iGino® one, the vibraMoove™ is a brand new patented technology that cannot be found anywhere else. The clever and unique vibraMoove™ combines the vibrations and movements simultaneously to mimic the natural touch and feel of a woman’s fingers, resulting in long lasting and intense pleasure.

About Us

Introducing iGino®; the new designer brand from iGino® Corporation. Based the beautiful multicultural mediterranean, iGino® Corporation formed in 2013 with the aim of creating a brand that specializes in designing, developing and producing original and innovative products for sexual wellbeing, using the latest patented technologies.

"Our goal is simple; to create excellent products that make your life shine and your sex brilliant. We're small enough to take pride in each and every job we do."

Although the company officially formed in 2012, the team behind the iGino® brand has been busy developing various concept designs and technologies since 2007. Driven by the belief that collaborative and collective work achieves the best results; our international staff are hand-picked and bring together different expertise to best deliver results with the aim of revolutionizing the sex toy world.

"Our obsession to build beautiful, meaningful and innovative things drives us forward every single day. It’s our pleasure for us to share this passion with you!”

After months and months of thorough research, iGino® Corporation believed they found what the sex toy market were missing…a product that is able to mimic the movement of a woman’s fingers during the self pleasure. The iGino® is the result of their research. It was officially launched in 2012 as the first offering and as the signature product of the company…we bring you the iGino® one.

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